These days a wedding is more than just the white dress, black tuxe and tradition. Alot of couples use it as the day to really express who they are, the things they love and make them who they are. 

If you're a lover of the outdoors and nature just like me, then you'd want to have this sort of theme incorporated in your wedding. Wedding themes do tend to get a general name, the nature theme can fall under a rustic, camo or country wedding. For me - I guess I want a combination of all of them. 

My fiance is an avid hunter and he would just love to have everything camo like Mama June's wedidng - but that is not happening! I'm definitely not here to judge anyone elses wedding, but that much camo is just not the sort of classy occasion I want to have. Though I am surprising him with a camouflage wedding ring like these ones It's a small touch, but I know he will be just delighted with this. 

For the actual wedding, I will have just small rustic touches, but the only camo print I will allow is in the groomsmens ties. The other touches will be things like a rustic, natural bouquet, rustic centrepieces at the reception etc. 

And of course, we will be having the ceremony in the great outdoors!